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Carpet Cleaning in Eastchester

Your local carpet and upholstery cleaning service provider

Carpet Cleaning Eastchester, New York is a carpet cleaning service provider dedicated to outstanding customer service and committed to using environmentally friendly products. Our operation is small and locally based with a focus on providing the local population with clean, allergen and bacteria free homes one carpet at a time.

Why your vacuum is not enough

Industrial strength shampoos and vacuums are designed to do the heavy duty work that normal household shampoos and vacuums cannot do. While our job is certainly made easier when we treat a carpet that has been cleaned and vacuumed regularly in the past, it is a misunderstanding to assume that a weekly vacuum is enough to remove your carpet of all the invisible health hazards hidden beneath. In addition to shampooing, Carpet Cleaning Eastchester offers two kinds of cleaning methods for your carpet:

  • Dry Cleaning Method - This method is ideal for carpets that do not contain any deep stains or buried allergens and only require the EPA recommended twice yearly clean. As most of the dirt, dust, and other bacteria have no yet penetrated the carpet's fibers, dry cleaning is an effective method for cleaning and maintaining your carpet. As there is little drying time required, you can enjoy the benefits of a freshly cleaned and newly brighten carpet in just a few hours.
  • Steam Cleaning Method - By far our most popular cleaning treatment, steam cleaning uses a combination of hot water temperatures and high powered vacuums to gently loosen bacteria from a carpet and remove them with a powerful suction mechanism. This method is ideal for carpets that have not been professionally cleaned in the last six months as well as for stain and dander removal. In comparison to the dry cleaning method, the steam cleaning method is far more powerful, however the drying period is longer, usually between 2-5 hours.

As members of the Eastchester community as well, we maintain a policy of using environmentally friendly products whenever possible. For more information about our green friendly services and our other home cleaning services, call our customer representatives today.

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