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Mold Inspection & Testing

Mold Testing Service In Eastchester

With years of experience in mold inspection and mold remediation, our expert workers deliver high-quality services all round the clock in Eastchester, NY. We offer a wide range of services that cover every aspect of mold inspection helping you to identify mold so you can address it correctly. Our Westchester County mold professionals understand that it's all about keeping your house safe and secure! Call us today at 914-222-1820 for complete mold inspection and testing services.

We at Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Eastchester recommend mold inspection and testing when you need to confirm that mold has infiltrated your home. Even if you have a slight doubt about mold presence at your place, then it is better to contact us at your earliest convenience.

Some of Our Mold Inspection Services in Westchester County


People are often confused when they see mold at their place or sometimes they can't even recognize it. They are completely clueless about the course of action to be taken. If you find yourself in this situation, it is imperative to get an expert's advice. We at Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Eastchester offer consultation services whereby people can speak to our mold inspection experts. They shall ask you all the relevant questions enabling you to decide what you should do next.

Indoor Air Sampling

Do you know that black mold doesn't need to be visible on the wall or ceiling to be a big problem? Sometimes it grows so secretly that detection becomes impossible unless you opt for an air sampling service. As part of our air sampling service, we take samples from various areas in your homes where the mold is most likely to grow for example around drainage pipes or in the basement, or areas where there has been water damage. Once all the samples are collected from indoors, we acquire a control sample from the outdoors to determine the extent to which the air quality has been impacted. Our air sampling services allow you to know the quality of air inside your home and understand whether the air you breathe is healthy for your family or not.

Comprehensive Visual Inspections

Despite all our efforts to keep our home clean, we naturally tend to miss a few areas which are at high risk of mold growth. You might experience undue humidity in the air or a disturbing smell but won't be able to find out the real reason behind it. In such cases, we recommend comprehensive visual mold inspections by our team of mold specialists in Eastchester, NY. Our certified experts thoroughly check every corner of the house, look for leakage points, and perform a detailed mold inspection to ascertain the level of growth. Once a complete mold inspection has been performed, we prepare a mold remediation plan. This plan includes the eradication of existing mold and measures to avoid future growth.

Surface Sampling

Mold detection is the responsibility of a professional or a field expert. Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Eastchester has trained its workers to detect different kinds of molds by collecting samples directly from surfaces where the growth is likely. Our surface sampling service is very beneficial in determining the type of mold growth in the house. Surface sampling is done along with air sampling. Samples are collected from many surfaces of the house, sealed, documented, and sent to an independent laboratory for testing. This helps in identifying the type of mold strain thus providing better guidance for mold remediation.

Moisture Detection

As an established mold inspection and mold remediation company, we believe in offering our clients complete and sustainable solutions. The prime reason behind mold growth is moisture, hence, our company provides moisture detection services for clients. For this purpose, we use advanced technology such as infrared imaging which guides our experts about the areas for sample collection. All protocols and international best practices are followed before performing any task.

To respond promptly to our customers and to provide the best services possible, we work together with O2 Mold Testing, a professional mold testing company in the local area. They are licensed and certified, with years of experience in mold inspection and testing.


Mold Testing FAQs

Do I Need a Professional Mold Inspection?

Mold growth can be supported anywhere in your home. Especially in damp corners. If an area has high levels of moisture, there is a high possibility that you need a mold inspection and testing services. A thorough inspection will help identify contaminated areas not visible to the naked eye. Moreover, professional testing teams look in every corner including the insides of your walls.

How Long Will the Mold Inspection Process Take?

A mold inspection can take one to two business days. It depends on the level of contamination. When a small area is affected by mold, it takes less time. However, for houses or rooms severely affected, it takes around two days. A team arrives at your home with testing kits and collects relevant samples. These samples are then sent to a laboratory for further evaluation and within next 48 hours you will receive a detailed report about what type of mold you have.

How much is mold inspection?

Mold inspection rates vary depending on several factors. The size of the contaminated area matters a lot because the greater the affected area, the higher the cost. If someone needs to get the entire house tested, the charges will be more in comparison to those who have only a single infected room. Similarly, the type of mold growth and testing options decide the rates as well.


Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Eastchester offers customers a complete solution, from mold inspection to remediation and restoration. Our services cater to every need of the client and address all the pain points. Call us today at 914-222-1820 or contact us here.

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