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Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning Services in Eastchester

Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Eastchester is the premier area rug cleaning service in Westchester County. We have years of experience in area rug cleaning, including stain and odor removal, professional conservation and rug restoration, and comprehensive oriental rug cleaning. We are bonded and fully insured, making us a dependable provider. Are you in search of a trustworthy area rug cleaning services in Eastchester? Please call us at 914-222-1820 to talk to one of our friendly customer care experts.

Area rugs provide you with an additional comfort and warmth layer, especially if your home has tile or hardwood flooring. They also assist in filtering air by trapping allergens and dirt. Since area rugs are often common in high-traffic areas at home and offices or business premises, they easily attract dirt. Therefore, it's best to clean them regularly. At Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Eastchester, we offer personalized onsite and offsite area rug cleaning. We can help you to schedule a convenient pick-up and delivery for your area rug.

Offsite and Onsite Rug Cleaning

We can come to clean your area rugs in the comfort of your home or office, thanks to our onsite area rug cleaning services. We will discuss the cleaning method we plan to use with you as well as the cleaning supplies. After that, we carefully clean your carpets.

Our offsite area rug cleaning services entail picking up your rug for professional cleaning and then dropping off your rug once we are done. One of our rug technicians will arrive at your home once you have talked to our customer care representatives to pick up your area rug. We'll take it to our cleaning plant and test it for the ideal cleaning method. Our team then delivers your area rug once it dries, rolled in a thick paper to protect it from damage.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

Properly cleaned area rugs can last for years. The rug cleaning process will depend on whether you have selected an onsite or offsite rug cleaning.

For every rug cleaning, we start with the pre-inspection, where our team inspects the extent of dirt and area size before cleaning. After that, we dust the area rug by vacuuming it to get rid of dust before doing a thorough clean.

Our team of cleaning professionals then washes your area rug with the ideal cleaning method. We steam clean or deep clean, depending on the dirt intensity. We then rinse your area rugs to remove stains, soap, and other dirt particles completely, and extract as much water as possible from the rug to aid drying. Finally, for the offsite rug cleaning, we dry your rug completely before delivery. We will make sure that we deliver the clean area rug at your convenience.

Superior Rug Cleaning Results

Experience makes all the difference in area rug cleaning, and we got your back on that! At Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Eastchester, we have a team of certified and well-trained experts to clean your area rugs thoroughly. With the help of their special attention and skills, our team will ensure that each area rug in your home or business retains its beauty and brightness. As the leading provider in area rug cleaning in Eastchester, we guarantee you extensive experience with all area rug types and cleaning methods. Call us today to enjoy our professional rug cleaning services.

What sets us apart is that our team of area rug cleaning experts uses environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies. We understand the effects of harsh cleaning supplies on your health, so we strive to use cleaning supplies with the safest ingredients. Our area rug cleaning methods aim to eliminate dirt, soil particles, stains, and debris without harming the fabric and fibers. We also use a soft water source perfect for cleaning area rugs, making our rug cleaning services outstanding.

Talk to the Experts

Eastchester residents can rely on Feet Up Carpet Cleaning Eastchester for professional area rug cleaning. We don't cut corners with our services and prices. We take time to clean every square of your area rug. We have years of experience and assure you of 100% customer satisfaction. Call 914-222-1820 to speak to our friendly and knowledgeable area rug cleaning professionals today.

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